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E9 6AG

We gratefully receive your donations using an appointment system. Make an appointment. 

Please check that items you are donating are on our wishlist

Items we Love 


♥️Baby Essentials - Nappies, Wipes, Formula, Food, Bedding

♥️Clothing & Footwear 0-12 Years 

♥️Toys & Childrens Books

♥️Personal Hygiene - Child & Adult


Items we can’t rehome 


👎Car seats

👎Cot bumpers, Sleepyheads, Cocoona babies
‘👎Sit-in’ walkers, bouncers or Jumperoos
👎Electrical items including electric sterilisers & monitors

👎Used bottles or dummies


✅ Kindly sort clothes by age & gender, then label

✅ Check buggies brakes & harness are working, and that it folds down

✅ Please only donate cots complete with all fixings, and instruction manual if possible


⛔️ Please don't leave items outside as things get wet or damaged

⛔️ Please do not donate clothes with rips, stains, missing buttons, broken zips etc

⛔️only donate items you would be happy to pass on to a family member or friend

You can also support our work by donating to our Justgiving campaign or buy items directly from our Amazon wishlist​ or our Common Good wishlist. All items and money donated will go to families in need.  

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