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The Driving Force:
Our Founder

Hackney Children & Baby Bank wouldn't exist without the vision and dedication of a paediatric nurse Beautine Wester. 


Her passion for supporting families in need is what sparked this incredible initiative.


Making it Happen: The Service Coordinators

At the helm of our day-to-day operations are Jane Simpson and Roxanne Smee, our amazing Service Coordinators. They ensure everything runs smoothly, from coordinating donations to connecting with families seeking support.

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Guiding the Way: Our Board of Trustees

Providing strategic direction and governance are our dedicated Trustees - Sarah Mitchel, Lisa Giffin, Sam Campbell, and Candice Bernzins.  Their expertise and commitment ensure the long-term sustainability of our mission.

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The Unsung Heroes: Our Volunteer Team

Hackney Children & Baby Bank is truly a community effort.  The tireless work of our volunteers is what keeps us going.  They sort donations, connect with families, and spread the word about our work – their dedication is invaluable.

Together, we're making a difference in the lives of Hackney's families.


Hackney Children & Baby Bank 174 Homerton High Street, E96AG


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