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How we help

Ensuring that children have access to the essentials they need for a healthy start in life is  a core aim for the Baby Bank but the impact we have is wider than this. Here are some of the other key ways the Baby Bank is working to make a positive impact:


Easing the Financial Strain:

On a low income, providing for a  new baby – buying nappies, formula, clothes, a cot and buggy – can be unmanageable. Providing for growing children – the right clothes for the weather, shoes for healthy feet, bags for school – can be equally difficult.


For many Hackney families the impact of the pandemic is still being felt and the current cost-of-living crisis is making life more difficult. Being able to access free clothes and equipment from the Baby Bank is essential for many of our families.


Reducing Waste and Promoting Sustainability:

Babies and children grow fast and many items, from clothes to cribs, are only used for a short period.  Many local families have items that are still in great condition that they want to donate to help another family.


This keeps perfectly usable goods out of landfills and reduces unnecessary waste, promoting sustainability and ensuring  that families who need resources can benefit from what others no longer need. It’s win-win!


Promoting Child Health and Development: 

The first years of life are a critical window for a child's development.  Stimulating toys and books play a vital role in fostering children’s physical and cognitive development as well as their social-emotional well-being. 


That's why our Baby Bank provides not just essentials, but also high-quality, lightly used toys and books in age-appropriate packs to spark curiosity, encourage learning, and HAVE FUN!


Promoting Equity:

Access to essential baby items shouldn't be determined by income level.


Baby banks help level the playing field by ensuring that, regardless of their financial situation, families have access to the items their babies and children need to thrive. All  children deserve an equal opportunity for a healthy start in life.


Supporting Mental Health:

Parenting can be stressful; financial pressures, insecure housing and experiences of trauma can be overwhelming. We aim to alleviate some of the stress and parents may have about providing for their children by providing essentials and a friendly, inclusive service.  


The support this community provides can contribute to better mental health outcomes for both parents and babies.


Building a Strong Community: 

Our Baby Bank is more than just a place to get things.  It's a hub where parents can connect with each other, share experiences, and build a strong support network.  This sense of community empowers families and helps them overcome their challenges.


We have lots of success stories of parents returning to work and education, rebuilding their lives after periods of crisis and going on to great things. Any many of the children have amazing gifts and talents they have been able to develop.

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How You Can Help

No child in Hackney should go without the basics.  You can be a part of the solution by:

Donating: Every contribution, whether its money or items, helps us provide essential items to families in need.

Volunteering: We welcome volunteers to help sort donations, connect with families, and keep our Baby Bank running smoothly.

Spreading the Word: Tell your friends, family, and neighbours about the work we do. Sharing our message helps us reach more families who need our support.

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