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Getting the Support You Need

Our referral process

If you and your family need support, we can help with essential items such as clothes, shoes, toys, books, nappies, toiletries and baby equipment. We know families can face difficulties for a short time or over a number of years and we know that the cost-of-living crisis is hitting many people extra hard.

You can see more detail about the items we often receive as donations and what we may be able to provide on our donations page.


How to get a referral: 

If you need help with baby equipment, clothes for children or any of the other items we provide, you can be referred to us by a professional who works with your family.


This could be your midwife, health visitor, social worker, or another trusted professional. 

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Here's what they need to do:

Send an email on their official work email address to:


Once we receive the referral:

We'll contact you to schedule an appointment where you can collect the items you need.

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