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May Donations Recap: Thank You for Your Support!

In May, thanks to your incredible generosity, we were able to provide essential items to families in need:

  • Clothing packs: 232

  • Toy packs: 204

  • Nappies: 127

  • Hygiene kits: 216

  • Buggies: 35

  • Moses baskets and cots: 24

  • Formula: 15

🙏 Thank You 🙏

A huge thank you to our amazing volunteers and supporters for making this possible. Your dedication and generosity are the heart of our charity. Together, we’re making a real difference! ❤️

How You Can Help

Donate Pre-loved Baby Items: Your gently used baby items can provide much-needed support to families. Here’s how you can donate:

Drop-off Details:

  • When: Saturdays from 10 AM to 2 PM

  • Where: 174 Homerton High Street, E9 6AG

  • Weekday Appointments: Email to schedule a drop-off.

Donation Guidelines:

  • Clothes: Sort by age and gender, and label them.

  • Buggies: Ensure the brakes and harnesses work and that they fold down properly.

  • Cots: Include all fixings and an instruction manual if possible.

Purchase New Items: If you prefer to purchase new items, visit our Amazon Wishlist where you can find a list of essential items like toiletries and nappies that our families urgently need.

Get Involved

Your contributions, whether pre-loved items or new purchases, make a significant impact. Here’s how you can continue to support us:

  1. Donate items: Follow the drop-off details above.

  2. Purchase from our Amazon Wishlist: Help us keep our stock of essential items replenished.

  3. Spread the word: Share our mission with your friends and family.

Together, we can ensure every child has the essentials they need to thrive. Thank you for your continued support!


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